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  • Custom Suits

    “The look and feel of perfection.”

    At Model Tailors the Italian tailor suit means quality and workmanship. The term custom made has been used interchangeably with bespoke, made to order or made to measure and also called hand-made. All custom suits are not the same. Not all designers and makers have the skill and expertise to make custom men suits. At Model Tailors it takes just over 100 hours to make one custom suit. Bespoke suit means something that is made to fit a particular person or clothes that are made to fit a particular person. It is derived from the verb to bespeak, to speak for something. The word bespoke is derived from the verb to bespeak, to “speak for something”, in the specialized meaning “to give order for it to be made” or in the specialized meaning “to give order for it to be made” or commissioned. When you order a custom made MT suit you are commissioning the best tailors in the world to design a suit especially for you. “You must study the anatomy of your customer.” Precise cutting and exact sewing are imperative to fit the stature of a gentleman and the curvature of a lady. The suit will make the man. All work is done by hand. The quality is unmatched. The look and feel is perfection.

  • Materials

    The fabric “A wearable masterpiece”

    We are integrated with the best fabric manufacturers in the world from Loro Piana to Savile Row. We use the finest fabric in the world using super fine wool rated by the thread count. The fineness is often referred to as a “super” count, such as “Super 130’s even the 240’s” the fineness of a cloth determines just how soft and silky it feels. The higher the number, the finer the cloth. The number is essentially a measure of how small and fine the yarn is twisted before it is woven. The Model Tailors uses other special fibers like Cashmere, Lambswool, Angora, Alpaca, Pure Silk, and Linen. Special fabrics chosen by you to create a wearable masterpiece. Weight. The weight of cloth is expressed in grams or ounces. Most cloth is between 200 and 350 grams (7 to 13 ounces). The weight of the cloth will contribute to how warm the suit is. Summer weights are between 7-8 ounces, all season cloth ranges from 8-12 ounces, and 12 ounces and heavier can be considered winter weight cloth.

  • Suit Knowledge

    Care & Cleaning

    Dry cleaning your custom suit? Don’t do it. Consider dry cleaning your suit only as a last resort. When it comes to dry cleaning your clothes, the high drying temperatures and chemicals used in the dry-cleaning process can directly damage your suit or slowly decrease their lifespan. At most take your suit to the dry cleaner once a year. If your suit is not visibly dirty and just needs to be freshened up, ask them to steam press it only. If your suit gets soiled try to spot treat the area rather than cleaning the entire suit. Check with our professional master tailors Mario or Domenica for tips on stain removal. Consider laundering your suit a last resort. If your suit has wrinkled try hanging it in the bathroom while running a hot, steamy shower. If that doesn’t do the trick try ironing the suit very carefully with the iron on a mid-heat (Use the wool setting, if available) and place a damp towel between the iron and the suit. This will help avoid the terrible problem of burning the finest fabric and making it shiny. Better yet, don’t take any chances. Bring us your Model Tailor custom made suit and we will clean and press it for you. Use the following tips and tricks to get the stain out. Note: many of these methods use soaking or saturating with something that will eventually be washed out in the wash. For suits or other un-washables, try blotting with the substance, then use a sponge to absorb any residual moisture. For tough stains on clothes you can’t wash, the dry cleaner may be your only recourse.

    Ketchup: Scrape off any excess, then apply a mixture of cool water and liquid dish soap (or hand soap if dish soap isn’t readily available). For tougher stains, blot with white vinegar.

    Ink: Spray heavily with hair spray or douse with rubbing alcohol and blot. Apply laundry detergent directly to the spot before putting into the wash.

    Blood: Hold the fabric under cool, running water while rubbing it against itself. Avoid hot water, which sets the stain permanently.

    Oils: Blot excess from fabric with a cloth or napkin. Work baking soda or cornstarch into the stain to draw it out. Wash with detergent. Or, blot with a sponge into which you’ve put a few drops of dish soap, as I’ve demonstrated previously.

    Perspiration: Saturate the area with shampoo–preferably one for normal hair, as shampoos for dry hair contain extra conditioners–and then launder as usual.

    Red Wine: Blot with club soda. The salt helps prevent permanent staining while the bubbles in the soda help lift the stain.

    Coffee/Tea: Rinse with white vinegar or commercial stain remover. Blot.

    Grass: Soak the area with white vinegar for an hour, then wash.

    Chocolate: Scrape off excess with a dull knife or spoon. Saturate the spot with a solution made from a tablespoon of an enzyme detergent (like Wisk) and two cups of water. Let stand for 20 minutes, then rinse well.

    Lipstick: Remove as much as possible with a credit card or dull knife. Dab with baby wipes, then rinse with hot water to dissolve the oils.

    Chewing Gum: Freeze the gum with a wrapped ice cube, then peel it off the garment.

    Fabric Sourcing "The Source of Fabric"

    The country of origin of a cloth matters. The suit making tradition originated in Europe and nobody does it better than the Italians and the British. For hundreds of years they have been refining the practice of weaving incredible cloth from every conceivable material, trying new things, learning how to make things softer, warmer, lighter, cheaper, more breathable, wrinkle resistant, and so on. Most of the world’s wool comes from sheep that are raised in Australia and New Zealand. And more than 80% of the world’s wool is controlled by 2 Italian mills (Loro Piana and Ermenigildo Zegna). 4 out of 5 mills that create wool cloth are buying their raw material from Loro Piana or Zegna. Many of the Scotland and Northampton, England based mills source their wool from local sheep farms. The British and Italians do it best, which is why luxury brands from all over the world attend the cloth buying shows in Europe rather than purchasing from the low end mills available in other parts of the world. Be careful, we have seen innumerable counterfeit cloth makers and sellers, particularly in China, India, and Thailand, making and selling polyester cloth marked as Italian wool.

    Stitch & Construction "Twist"

    Before cloth is woven together it starts as long spools of yarn. At this stage most luxury mills take 2 spools of yarn and twists them together, creating what is known as “2-ply” or “double twist.” This results in a cloth that is essentially twice as dense. That density will make the suit last much longer, will be stronger in the seams, and will feel more consistent to the touch. All luxury brands, like Model Tailors, only use double twist cloth. New technologies are continually producing finer and stronger cloths that improve the look and durability of your suit. Even the world’s most exclusive fabric from the finest wool ever produced– the Super 250s fabric made of 11.4 micron wool. And the most luxurious, silks and cashmere combine to produce the finest and best quality material in the world. For special customers Model Tailors can even obtain vicuna the world’s rarest and finest natural fiber.

  • Special Services

    The Armour Suit “Confidence and Protection”

    Your custom made Armour Suit will stop a beautiful lady and even stop a bullet. This custom suit looks and feels great, but may also save your life. We combine fashion and safety to literally make you bulletproof. At MT we use special materials and cutting edge technology to provide comfort and protection. We use space age material that is light and comfortable and also fashionable. No one can tell that your beautiful custom suit is also bullet-proof.

    MT provides confidence and protection in a dangerous world.

    When business takes you to a dangerous place –we got your back and your front.

    Armour Suits are special orders.

  • Alterations

    "A good tailor or seamstress is your friend"

    he or she can often help you fit into your old clothing despite a weight swing of 25lb or more. We do all kinds of alterations!!!

    Experienced tailors at Model Tailors can adjust jackets , re-cut old suits, remove pleats, make shoulders smaller, take in sides, taper sleeves, taper pants, shorten crotch, shorten collars… Whether you have a special occasion and busy with the arrangements or overwhelmed with business meetings just simply call


    and we will rush to you at your convenience.

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